Summer 2019 Hair Trends for Women and Men

Women: 90’s BOB The last few years, we have seen the “lob” stay strong in hair trends. The shoulder grazing length is suitable for pretty much anyone and isn’t a full commitment to short hair, but I urge women to be a little bit more bold this summer and take the length up some more. The bob will never go out of style but how it’s cut and styled will always vary. Right now, the 90’s are inspiring how this classic cut is being worn. The length is cut with a strong blunt line and is the same length from back to front. To create the look when styling, turn the ends under with either a round brush or iron to give a more rounded, bouncy look. Ask your stylist for a blunt bob that hits about mid-neck to chin (depending on what's best suited for your face shape). If you have thick hair, removing some weight with subtle layers or texturizing is recommended so there’s movement. If you want to go full on Winona Ryder 90’s grunge, add a short textured fringe with a choppy length that grazes the jawline and finish your style with your favorite sea salt spray or dry shampoo. SHAG Another current trend that pays homage to the past is the shag. This classic is cut with short, cascading layers that start at the crown and blend to the bottom. Face framing layers and a heavy fringe top off the look. The difference between how it was worn in the 70’s and today is texture and finish. To keep from looking dated, avoid looking to coiffed or stiff. Today’s shag should have a lot of softness and movement through out with a messy, slightly disheveled texture. If you have medium to thick hair, straight, wavy or curly, this cut is a great option for the summer because it removes a lot of heavy bulk and can be “wash and go” or minimal styling. Adding some soft balayage highlights to the ends also emphasizes the cut beautifully and adds to the “lived in” vibe we’re all after. Men: FADES There’s no doubt that the fade is still just as popular as last summer. It comes in all shapes and sizes; square, round, high and low fade. I think a lot of guys get in the habit of sticking with the same cut for a long time. Keeping the sides and back tight but playing with different and textures lengths on the top can change your look instantly. BUZZCUT/COLOR I see a lot of men opting for the buzz cut lately too. This cut is ideal for guys with medium to thick hair and is great way to stay cool in the summer. Talk to your stylist or barber about how to create a buzz cut that’s best suited for your face and head shape by using different length clipper guards. For the guy that wants something a little more bold, play with colors. I’ve seen platinum blonde on so many guys and it looks amazing!


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