Why I love this brush...

I discovered the Kellie Little "Groove Voyager" brush about 5 years ago while I was taking a styling class geared specifically towards highly textured hair. The teacher was raving about how much he loved and used it behind the chair but I was reluctant. I was so committed to my round brushes because they gave me control over how much tension I could use, I could straighten or curl, and they just felt like an old friend (sounds weird but I'm sure other hairstylists get that last one). Anyway, after I decided the teacher of this class wasn't just there to endorse this weird looking brush, I decided to order one. I loved it! And still do. Here are some reasons why:

1. One for all: Even though I discovered The Groove Voyager at a class for highly textured hair, this baby is great for all hair types. I have recommended it to so many of my clients with hair from fine and flat to thick and coarse. The half circle shape helps create some bend in the root to lift flat roots and the strong stiff bristles create a good amount of tension needed to smooth out frizzy strands while wrap drying or beveling.

2. Tip of cushion: See those funky spiky bristles at the tip of the brush? If you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair they work wonders on those pesty kinks that creep out of your hair line. Usually I would have to switch out to a really small round brush to grab them but having that little feature up top makes it easy to breeze through the baby hairs. That part of the brush also works well on the nape area to smooth down any cowlicks or curls.

3. Scalp massage: The bristles are long and slightly rounded so you feel like your scalp is getting some extra TLC, but not in a painful, scratchy kinda way. Studies consistently show that scalp massage increases blood flow to the follicle which can promote increased hair growth and health. Clients have actually commented while getting their hair blown out with The Groove Voyager how good this brush feels on their scalp.

A couple extra things worth mentioning:

-While the scalp massage feature is pretty amazing to most, it might be a little intense for someone with a very sensitive scalp. If that's you, I would recommend this one.

-The price point is on the higher side. A lot of professionals don't mind spending $60 on a brush if they know it will perform well and last but the regular consumer might. It's a splurge for sure but I would say it's worth it. I have used my Kellie Little continuously for 5 years but she looks younger than ever.

Whether you own this brush already or are thinking of getting it, leave a comment below to share any thoughts or questions!